A Better Way to Connect to Web3

Core is a free, all-in-one browser extension for Avalanche dApps, NFTs, bridges, Subnets, L2s, and more.

Core supports Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all EVM-compatible blockchains. 

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Use Your Tokens in
High-Performing dApps

Transfer and use native Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens (ERC-20) on Avalanche dApps.

Swap Your Assets

Trade tokens on Avalanche
without ever leaving Core.

Go From Cash to
AVAX in Minutes

Buy AVAX with a credit card, bank transfers,
or Apple Pay using MoonPay.
Choose from 40+ fiat currencies.

Maximize Your Security

Connect with Ledger,
an industry-leading hardware wallet.

Unify Your Assets

Manage NFTs and digital assets
across multiple networks.

Control Your Experience

Easily manage accounts across
Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum,
and all EVM-compatible networks.

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